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Unfiltered: Art That Speaks the Truth

By Lauren Jeu   There is a misconception that senior year is full of no work and all play. While underclassmen are complaining about their deadlines and tests and shouting that they “can’t wait for this school year to just be over,” seniors are spending their every moment finishing or perfecting their Senior projects, theses, and research. In the corner of Rosa Deal School of Arts, there are three particular seniors working hard in their private studios: the art... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, Apr 24

Memphis & The Movies – Our Connection to The 2017 Oscars

By Dominick Platt Image Above: Source   The 2017 Oscars were bordered by two Memphian contributions to film: Justin Timberlake's “I Can’t Stop the Feeling” and the film “La La Land” who Molly Smith produced. Timberlake’s Oscar-nominated song opened the ceremony, owning the stage as he usually does. Ms. Smith’s produced film won six Oscars in total, breaking records as it earned trophy after trophy. This is a great accomplishment by... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, Feb 27

Humans of Christian Brothers University

By: Gabriela Morales If someone were to ask you: ”Hey! How are you doing today?” while walking down the hallway, most of us would simply reply by saying something along the lines of “I’m good” or “Just fine”. But what would happen if that person stopped you for a second and said: “No. How are you really doing?” These questions were asked by Brandon Stanton when he started asking people on the streets of New York City to talk a bit about... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Jan 3

Memphis Music and the Ambiguous Memphis Sound

By: Austin Essary  A while ago, on November 4, 2015 to be precise, something happened that sparked an idea for this article. Now unless that’s your birthday or your anniversary (which you probably forgot anyway), then you might not recall what happened that night. However, I can almost certainly guarantee that you were either watching it live, or like me, caught the highlights splattered across your Facebook and Twitter feeds the next day. The CMA Awards took place that Wednesday... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Friday, Sep 9

13 Unanswered Questions in the Fuller House Reboot

By Morgan Harper. Photo: Netflix Last year, when news broke out about the Full House cast reuniting for a spin-off serie s, millennials went wild. American families’ favorite sitcom was coming back full fledged with a thirteen-episode, one-season contract as a Netflix original series. The show features the same cast and characters as the original series, which debuted 29 years ago. The show also introduces new actors, Elias Harger and Michael Campion, and actress Soni Nicole Bringas. The... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Mar 14

Dr. Ben Jordan Thinks we all Need a Little History Lesson About the Early Boy Scouts

We know them from their involvement in community service, in-depth knowledge of knots nobody's ever heard of, helping old ladies across the street , and the occasional appearance in indie cinema , but what do we actually know about the Boy Scouts of America? In his new book,  Modern Manhood and the Boy Scouts of America: Citizenship, Race, and the Environment, 1910-1930, Benjamin René Jordan deconstructs the contemporary concepts of masculinity by taking an in-depth look at... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Mar 10

SWISHmas Eve: The Night Before Kanye’s Seventh Album

By Berlin Howell Take a deep breath; you’re going to be fine. Or maybe not. But either way, you survived 2015  and can rest easy knowing the first/worst month of the year is over (Morgan is celebrating somewhere). February will provide all you have ever needed: Kanye West’s seventh LP. Three years have passed since his last release, and there exists on that album a crude, manic Kanye we may never hear again. Yeezus is its title, an oftentimes over-looked but nonetheless... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Feb 10

My History with David Bowie and the Existential Assertions of Blackstar

By: Berlin Howell Death steals goodbyes. Of the people we lose, we have all longed for another day, one last interaction, a final word. A few weeks have passed since we lost David Bowie, but unlike most deaths, he left behind an interactive conversation. Blacksta r , his newest and final album, is a set of answers to our own existential questions: What is life like at the end? Were you content? What happens next, after death? Blackstar came out on Bowie’s 69th birthday, just... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Jan 28

Win or Lose, the Grizzlies and Memphis Are Connected in This Journey

By: Austin Crowder Photo Above: Memphis Art Project , Mural by Brandon Marshall This article originally appeared in Grizzly Bear Blues , an SB Nation Affiliate Site Around this time last year the Memphis Grizzlies had the best record in the NBA, bearing to the nation the "grit and grind" mentality that has seeped deep into the DNA of this great city. This season the wins and losses are different, but the story of the Memphis Grizzlies is still the story of their fans and of... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Sunday, Jan 10

Looking Back: Best of Memphis Music in 2015

By: Berlin Howell Despite somewhat of a drought that's characterized the first half of the 2010's, Memphis' local music scene has flourished in 2015. Both independent and signed artists are building and growing dedicated followers outside of Memphis, and the city has seen an outgrowth of local releases and performances. 2015 has been a year that made us all proud to be Memphians, and music lovers were given a diverse spectrum of albums from a cadre of artists born and raised in the Bluff... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Saturday, Jan 9


By: Olivia Betterton Daisy stretched her toes towards the floor and landed on the hardwood with a quiet thud. She paused for a moment and glanced at her sleeping sisters. Rose was still hogging all of the blankets in their shared bed. Violet, the oldest, was stretched out as wide as her small frame would allow. Lily was curled into a compact ball with all of her blue blankets cascading from her bed like a waterfall. The dull gray of early winter morning was beginning to swallow the... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Saturday, Jan 2

Title Fight in Oxford: Like Gold Dust

By: Berlin Howell The announcement of a last-minute Title Fight house show should have surprised any fan of their music, because the Northeast-born band had presumably grown past such small capacity performances— at least for fire hazard’s sake. Thanks to a canceled headliner and gracious Oxfordian host, I made it to see Title Fight in a living room with about thirty other people. They were brought here by way of a national tour with Desaparecidos, which was scheduled to play in Oxford at ... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Nov 18

National Novel Writing Month - Week 2

By: Erin Aulfinger November 7, 2015 (9,125 words written) Writing can be erratic. One day you might have tons of ideas, and get 1,500 words down. Others, you’re too busy and creatively drained to even think about writing more than two or three words. I often find that how much I write depends on the day.   If I know I’ve got early morning classes one day, I know I’m not going to write as much. Similarly, if my first class doesn’t start until noon, I’ve got an extra three hours... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Nov 18

The Lost Boys Come Home-A Recap of Memphis' Largest Book Club

By: Gabriela Morales Over the last four years, incoming freshmen at CBU have arrived on campus on their first day of class with a common experience: they’ve all read the same book during the summer before they ever step foot inside a classroom together. This experience is part of CBU’s Fresh Reads Program, a summer-long program for freshmen (in addition to some upperclassmen and faculty members) that’s intended to force participants to reflect on their own lives and the lives of those... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Nov 10

A Recap of National Novel Writing Month - Week 1

By: Erin Aulfinger October 31, 2015 (0 words written) National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, or NaNo) only comes once a year—if you don’t count Camp NaNo. During the month of November authors all over the world (be they aspiring or published) sit down to pen 50,000 words. If someone wants to reach this goal, they must write an average of 1,333 words per day. Progress can be tracked on nanowrimo.or g, the official homepage of the event. Everyone approaches NaNo differently. For... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Nov 9

Film Review of Rock the Kasbah

By: Erin Aulfinger On Friday, October 23, the movie “Rock the Kasbah” hit cinemas. Based on the true story of Setara Hussainzada, it follows Richie Lanz (Bill Murray), a down-in-the-dumps talent manager, who randomly decides to go to Afghanistan with Ronnie (Zooey Deschanel), his current client. However, his path drastically changes and leads him to the spectacular—and forbidden—singing talent Salima (Leema Lubany). All of the actors do a fantastic job. There are plenty... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Oct 29

Album Review of Julien Baker's Sprained Ankle

By Berlin Howell Though she and I have played for what seems like a lifetime’s-worth of shows together, I’ve seldom experienced Julien Baker from the confines of a crowd at her show. While the two of us make up one-half of a local Memphis band and shared a house together in Murfeesburo for a few serendipitous months in June earlier this year, I hadn’t seen Julien play live in years. This changed when I finally attended one of her summer shows, at a humble house party where she played... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Oct 27


By Caroline Mitchell Carrico Mmm I want to linger… Some days are hard. And sometimes a string of days are hard. And sometimes the last thing I want to do is spend ten more minutes with a crying baby. If I lose mom points with you for that, you should probably reevaluate why you have decided to waste your time assigning mom points. Mmm a little longer… But sometimes, what I need at the end of a string of tough ones is to have that tired baby, the one with the... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Oct 16

A Night at Graceland Too

Words by Josh Colfer, Photos by Dean Alari I don’t know how many people that read this will know of Graceland Too and its legacy in the Delta and beyond. It was one of those places that make this land and its people fabled in the American conscience, the kind that occupies Southern lore alongside voodoo villages, abandoned factories, and the like.    Graceland Too is no longer in operation following the strange death of its curator , Paul MacLeod in the summer of 2014. I... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Oct 9


by Qiao Lin OPPRESSION I was born in a place that was the cradle of a civilization that has over 5,000 years of history and I was quite proud this. However, just as I was leaving my own cradle, my parents left China for the land of opportunity, the United States. I was only a couple of years old and this new place fascinated and frightened me. There were more cars and the city lights in the distance seemed like terrestrial stars. Only a small group of people around me spoke the... Read More
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$42.50 by Ruthie Hall You tell me what you need, supplies to buy your friends. As you grill out, chill out,  and drink them under the table.  But like my age,  I've only got forty to fifty.  I cross off the food I really need  off your growing list.  I'll get your buns, pork, candy, and ice.  Baby, I'll even get your overpriced, piss-taste beer.  but I'm gonna get my olives,  my tequila, and limes.  You... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Sep 9