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Pints, Growlers, or Barrels: Galleon Staff Picks

By The Galleon Editorial Staff   Happy National Beer Day! Whether you toast by saying “Cheers,” “Saluti,” “Sláinte,” or “Gānbēi,” today is, as each day should be, one for celebration. Throughout this week, we have provided you with quality written material dealing with all things beer. Today, we simply want to share with you our recommendations and “staff picks” for our favorite beers in the hopes that you might... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Friday, Apr 7

Beer Brewing Monks

By Anthony Maranise, OblSB Images used with permission from the Benedictine Order "For the King of Kings, I would wish a lake of finest ale." ~ St. Brigid of Kildare "The Good Lord has changed water into wine, how then, can drinking beer be a sin?" ~ Sign at the Entrance to a Belgian Monastery & Brewery As a Benedictine myself, I am personally thrilled to write this article. It is, after all, my religious order (of which I am an Oblate ), the Order of... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Apr 6

Beer For Those Who Hate Beer

By Lauren Jeu   As a 5’2”, 107 lbs. girl who suffers from the Asian Flush Syndrome , it should come as no surprise that alcohol and I don’t mix. Over the past year, I’ve found a few cocktails and wines that I enjoy (and can tolerate) but I just couldn’t understand how anyone could ever like beer. I hate it – the smell, the taste, the ­ after taste. I would be at parties, holding my Solo cup full of water while watching people get beer after... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Wednesday, Apr 5

Drinkin’ In Memphis – An Overview of Local Breweries

By Dominick Platt   I’m a born and raised Memphian. I know all the back roads and have been to about every local place you could think of, and some you can’t. However, even with my love for fantastic beer and my pride in our cuisine, I’ve neglected my knowledge of our local beer, the breweries that make them, and the culture that is growing around and from out of them. So when my team pitched the idea for articles during beer week, I thought this would be the perfect... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Apr 4

Where to Have a Beer ‘Round Here

Images and Words By Anthony Maranise   “What… what does this say?” I grumbled to myself. The sweat from my newly poured, yet nearly finished pint of crisp, delicious Brooklyn Belair Sour beer had apparently dripped onto my notepad and smudged my notes. I am, after all, as I write this piece, sitting outside on a patio on Highland enjoying a good, cold one as I pen this article. The idea came to me weeks ago when my good friend informed me that there is such a... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Apr 4

How ‘Bout a Pint? - A Crash Course in Beer Culture

By Mary Clark   C ulture are the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. By extension, culture also refers to something much more important, but also much more fundamental. Culture connects people, and what better way to connect than over an ice cold brew? Beer has been around since 9500 BC . It’s sold in convenience stores, grocery stores, some liquor stores,... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, Apr 3

On Tap Next Week: 2017 Galleon Beer Issue

The Galleon Staff would like to welcome you to the 2017 Galleon Beer Issue ! In honor of National Beer Day on April 7, we at the Galleon wanted to fully delve into the big topic: beer. There is an art to making and enjoying beer, lager, ale, brew, and whatever else you may call it. In Memphis, we recognize this art because of the amazing local beer scene, but we also recognize beer as more than a drink, but a culture. To celebrate this totally informal holiday, we have an interesting week... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Friday, Mar 31