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A Farewell to Our Graduating Galleon Staff

By Mary Clark Image above: Source Graduate : v. successfully complete an academic degree, course of training, or high school. Succeed : v. achieve the desired aim or result. In life, we all look to succeed, and some look to graduate. This is a fairly innocuous claim, but it’s also a fascinating one. When you read the above definitions, to succeed and to graduate are just verbs. Strings of letters put together to give some kind of meaning, as is true with the whole of... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, May 1

Love Thyself: The “Heart” of Body Positivity

By Sarah C. Wages Image Above: Source   Igrew up the youngest of four. I am seven years behind my brother and eight behind my sisters. By the time I was 11 years old, I had been influenced, to some significant degree, to my two sisters who were addicts. More than alcohol, more than drugs, it was internal. They struggled with their own body images. Both were bulimic , forcing themselves to purge after a heavy meal. “Indulge, then, get rid of it” was their modus... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Apr 27

Pints, Growlers, or Barrels: Galleon Staff Picks

By The Galleon Editorial Staff   Happy National Beer Day! Whether you toast by saying “Cheers,” “Saluti,” “Sláinte,” or “Gānbēi,” today is, as each day should be, one for celebration. Throughout this week, we have provided you with quality written material dealing with all things beer. Today, we simply want to share with you our recommendations and “staff picks” for our favorite beers in the hopes that you might... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Friday, Apr 7

Beer Brewing Monks

By Anthony Maranise, OblSB Images used with permission from the Benedictine Order "For the King of Kings, I would wish a lake of finest ale." ~ St. Brigid of Kildare "The Good Lord has changed water into wine, how then, can drinking beer be a sin?" ~ Sign at the Entrance to a Belgian Monastery & Brewery As a Benedictine myself, I am personally thrilled to write this article. It is, after all, my religious order (of which I am an Oblate ), the Order of... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Apr 6

Beer For Those Who Hate Beer

By Lauren Jeu   As a 5’2”, 107 lbs. girl who suffers from the Asian Flush Syndrome , it should come as no surprise that alcohol and I don’t mix. Over the past year, I’ve found a few cocktails and wines that I enjoy (and can tolerate) but I just couldn’t understand how anyone could ever like beer. I hate it – the smell, the taste, the ­ after taste. I would be at parties, holding my Solo cup full of water while watching people get beer after... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Wednesday, Apr 5

Drinkin’ In Memphis – An Overview of Local Breweries

By Dominick Platt   I’m a born and raised Memphian. I know all the back roads and have been to about every local place you could think of, and some you can’t. However, even with my love for fantastic beer and my pride in our cuisine, I’ve neglected my knowledge of our local beer, the breweries that make them, and the culture that is growing around and from out of them. So when my team pitched the idea for articles during beer week, I thought this would be the perfect... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Apr 4

Where to Have a Beer ‘Round Here

Images and Words By Anthony Maranise   “What… what does this say?” I grumbled to myself. The sweat from my newly poured, yet nearly finished pint of crisp, delicious Brooklyn Belair Sour beer had apparently dripped onto my notepad and smudged my notes. I am, after all, as I write this piece, sitting outside on a patio on Highland enjoying a good, cold one as I pen this article. The idea came to me weeks ago when my good friend informed me that there is such a... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Apr 4

How ‘Bout a Pint? - A Crash Course in Beer Culture

By Mary Clark   C ulture are the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. By extension, culture also refers to something much more important, but also much more fundamental. Culture connects people, and what better way to connect than over an ice cold brew? Beer has been around since 9500 BC . It’s sold in convenience stores, grocery stores, some liquor stores,... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, Apr 3

On Tap Next Week: 2017 Galleon Beer Issue

The Galleon Staff would like to welcome you to the 2017 Galleon Beer Issue ! In honor of National Beer Day on April 7, we at the Galleon wanted to fully delve into the big topic: beer. There is an art to making and enjoying beer, lager, ale, brew, and whatever else you may call it. In Memphis, we recognize this art because of the amazing local beer scene, but we also recognize beer as more than a drink, but a culture. To celebrate this totally informal holiday, we have an interesting week... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Friday, Mar 31

Finding Your Religion

By Mary Clark All images courtesy of source   We all know how it feels, or know someone who knows how it feels to graduate high school, go off to college, then, after a few weeks, realize that you’ve missed a few weekends of church, but you're not really sorry about it. Even if you feel like you should be. According to a  LifeWay study  in 2007, two-thirds of young adults aged 18-22 who attend church for at least a year in high school will stop attending... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Mar 23

Wait, How Much? - What the Numbers Look Like for Graduates

By Dominick Platt Image above: Source   I recently went apartment hunting with my fiancé in Nashville, since she’s finishing Grad School there. We didn’t look downtown, but we surveyed both urban and more suburban apartments. We chose one bedroom apartments because we really wouldn’t have saved any money trying to actually share a space, and I personally was astounded by the numbers I was looking at. With the apartment we decided on, one very close to my... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Monday, Mar 20

5 Ways to Take 5

By: Mary Clark   Stress sucks. Unfortunately, it's inevitable. Everyone deals with events in their life that pack on so much worry and burden that sometimes, a part of us just wants to shut down and check out. However, more often than not, it's the mundane, little “nitpicky” things in life that wear us down most and ultimately cause us to need a break. One of the hardest things to do when everyone is as busy so often is to remember to focus on ourselves, and... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Mar 16

The Couples of CBU - A Photographic Essay

By Lauren Jeu Adam Buczyna & Reggie Raney Adam: “She's the whole package: Gorgeous, Goofy, and Grounded. The love of my life, and so much more.” Reggie: “After being together for over two years, we have learned to balance our strengths and weaknesses. I cannot wait to call him my husband in October.” Will Walsh & Brianna Berg Will: “4 Valentine’s Days down, a lifetime worth to go! She is seriously... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Thursday, Feb 9

The Long-Distance-Relationship (LDR) Survival Guide

By Dominick Platt It finally happened. You met that special someone, connected on all levels like a circuit board, and you’re ready to start that long commitment as a couple. But, it’s not always so simple: perhaps one of you has to move, or go back to school, or any manner of like circumstances. That’s the way it was for me, when I had to come back to finish school right after I met this one amazing woman. We talked about it, and came to the conclusion that what we... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Feb 3

Humans of Christian Brothers University

By: Gabriela Morales If someone were to ask you: ”Hey! How are you doing today?” while walking down the hallway, most of us would simply reply by saying something along the lines of “I’m good” or “Just fine”. But what would happen if that person stopped you for a second and said: “No. How are you really doing?” These questions were asked by Brandon Stanton when he started asking people on the streets of New York City to talk a bit about... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Jan 3

Top 10 Tips for Parents Looking to Take Care of Their College Student

By: Gabriela Morales Yes, it’s that time of year again. Winter break is almost here, which means that overly stressed college students are slowly migrating back home from their college campuses. If you know one of these tired college students, here is a list of the top ten things you can do to raise their spirits before the following semester destroys it: 1. Let them sleep. During that last week of finals, college student often forget to sleep in an attempt to learn a... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Jan 3

A Meandering Journey Through Sorority Life

By: Morgan Harper A very smart friend once told me, "College gives you an education in professional skills and a bunch of other things that only matter when you graduate. But the best thing you can get out of these years is an education of yourself." As a stubborn, lighthearted freshman, this quote flew in one ear and burrowed itself deep in the dormant lobes of my memory, where it stayed until a few nights ago, when I had the typical chronologically-induced attack that everyone faces... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, May 12

Muslims in Memphis

By Mustafa Hmood What is Muslims in Memphis? That’s a good question to ask in March, especially if you live in Memphis.  It’s both an annual observance for celebrating the Muslim component of the city and a name given to an organization that holds events in March of every year.  As mentioned in their website , the goal of the organization is “to engage in an outreach program to the larger community of Memphis & the Mid-south, in order to educate/inform and dispel myths... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Mar 1

Spreading Blue for Autism Speaks

Words by Morgan Harper, Photos by Servando Mireles Since Alpha Xi Delta first partnered with Autism Speaks in 2009, chapters all over the country have created unique, successful fundraisers to collect over $3 million for the organization . At CBU, the Theta Pi chapter has assembled various fundraising events for Autism Speaks around campus, including their annual Blue Out game. For the past four years, this group of women has rallied the student body to meet in Canale and cheer on our... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Feb 24

Week / End 2.19.16

In case you haven't looked at the Memphis forecast, this weekend is slated to be a warm reprise from the frigid February weather. While there are plenty of activities in Memphis to keep you occupied, we've compiled an additional list of CBU-related events happening on campus to consider. Then again, with Spring TV programming beginning to come out in full swing, we'd understand if you're privy to the great indoors and a healthy dose of Netflix....your call.  Anyway, here's the Galleon's... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Feb 19

Life Without a Smartphone Sucks

By Morgan Harper As a 21st century enthusiast, I can honestly say one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in the last year was going without a smartphone for a week after an accident that involved my iPhone and a bottle of sprite… whoops. When I frantically called my dad to confess what happened to the pricey birthday present I'd spent months begging for, his short and ill-tempered response really got me thinking. "Sorry. You'll have to use my old phone until you can afford to buy... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Wednesday, Feb 17

How to Win at Your First Semester of College

By Gabriela Morales Every year, as August arrives so do hundreds of freshmen that are more than ready to start their college lives… or so they think. Here are 14 pieces of great advice from some of the freshmen that just survived their first semester here at CBU. "Do not worry if you do not know your major coming in, its better to excel at the gen-eds when you start than to fail at something you may end up disliking.” Jack Charbonnet “GET INVOLVED! If you... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Feb 3

Growing up with St. Jude - A Story of Volunteerism to Beat Childhood Cancer

By Morgan Harper If you're a part of the CBU community, there's a good chance you've had the pleasure of meeting Alison Allensworth. As an intern for the Career Services Office and a member of the Student Activities Council, Zeta Tau Alpha, Lasallian Collegians, and President's Ambassadors, Alison is a very well-known, friendly face at CBU. We all know students like that around campus, but what’s unique about Alison is that it also applies to the metro area. With all of her commitments... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Jan 26

10 Struggles Every College Student Faces at the Turn of 2nd Semester

By: Morgan Harper 1. Having no clue where your classes are when you're already running 5 minutes late This makes for great first impressions on those professors that you've never had before. Just kidding. It doesn't. You'll be lucky to get a C in this class now. 2. Walking into a classroom and silently praying you can find a familiar face to sit next to. Or worse… walking into a class and realizing you know absolutely no one to borrow notes from. 3. Trying to decide what... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Jan 15

12 Things You Did in High School That You'd Never Do in College

By: Alani Lee As told by a c/o 2011 graduate #wolfpack4lyfe   1) Passionately pursuing the latest fandom Obsessing over the latest hot book or show used to be fun, until your realize that you no longer have any free time and that most of the story plots have massive holes in them. #TeamJacob, #TeamEdward, #TeamGuyWhoAlmostHitBellaWithATruck  2) Dressing up for class     Let’s just be real honest, the things that you went through to get ready in high school... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Sunday, Jan 3

Why Give to Education?

By: Bob Arnold Tired of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Giving Tuesday was established in 201 2 to better reflect the spirit of the season. It’s a day to remember – and support – the nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in our communities, cities, country, and the world.   CBU has been one of those organizations for more than 140 years. Our university is rooted in the heart of Memphis, as evidenced by our deep connections to the community. These include numerous... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Nov 30

18 Problems You Face as a Commuter Student at CBU

By: Alani Lee 1. Waking up an hour or two before your first class starts  2. The struggle of traffic if you leave later than your perfectly scheduled time  3. Getting to school and realizing that you left something you need at home  4. The Parking Lot 5. The Shuttles 6. Hoping that someone is passing out donuts or chicken biscuits outside of Cooper-Wilson in the morning 7. Missing fun events because of time conflicts 8. Never hearing... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Nov 23

Fighting Food Waste

By: Blaire Jefferson Have you ever driven along the major streets in Memphis and seen the large number of homeless and hungry people? Do you ever wish you could help but are unsure what they'll spend the money on if you do? The population of homeless and hungry here is astounding-there are over 1,800 people that need food and shelter, as mentioned in a 2009 article in the Memphis Flyer . While we cannot provide them with shelter, we can provide them with food. You may ask who “we”... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Tuesday, Nov 17

Unusual Brain Activity Leads Students and Professors to New Conclusions

By: Toni Patrick, Stephanie Allen-Winters, Patrick Woody, and Dr. Jeff Sable It was the brain that brought us together. With majors in biochemistry, biology, interdisciplinary studies, natural science, and psychology, we came together because we wanted to study the brain. “I’m interested in neurology,” says Stephanie Allen-Winters (Biology ’14), “so it made sense to learn about the techniques used to study it and to understand the EEGs I might be looking at.” Stephanie is currently... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Nov 16

23 Ways You Know You're a CBU Student

By: Morgan Harper 1.You've walked to Central BBQ on a snow day You don't really know why, but Caf food just doesn't cut it on snow days. When the roads are iced over, your best option is to slip and slide in your Uggs to Central for a half order of barbecue nachos.  2. Your cabinets and dishwashers are guaranteed to be occupied mostly by Central cups at any given point.  Speaking of Central, you can thank your student I.D. for all those $0.25 drinks that helped you... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Nov 6

Bridge From Poverty

By: Dr. John Smarrelli Jr. This article originally appeared in an op-ed letter in the Commercial Appeal Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s announcement that the federal government would be providing Pell Grant support to high school students seeking dual enrollment credit from either two- or four-year colleges. As CBU’s president, I applaud efforts to make college courses accessible to our qualified high school students, as we... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Nov 5

Where to Get Your Halloween On in Memphis

Halloween has arrived, and there's no shortage of ways to celebrate this fright-filled evening of pumpkins, slasher films, costumes, and copious amounts of candy. At Christian Brothers University there's over 40 different organizations on campus that focus on everything from social justice to literature, but for one night they turn their attention to this haunt-filled holiday. Here's our list of where to go, what to do, and where to hide from the things that go bump in the night at CBU and... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Oct 30

5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make for Free

By: Alani Lee When it comes to the Halloween season, there’s nothing worse than realizing that it’s the end of the month and you’re completely broke. It’s almost like you’ve spent all of your money on food, bills, and gas or something… crazy, right? But never fear! A Halloween miracle is underway – and miracles are always free! While your friends are trying to escape the curse of their overpriced Elsa and Anna costumes, you’ll be straight chillin’ in your very own clothes. Here are... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Oct 29

Teaching Our Incapacity To Unexperience

By Dr. Leigh M. Johnson The following was originally published in Dr. Johnson's blog ReadMoreWriteMoreThinkMoreBeMore They say you can't "unring a bell." It's an analogy that is often used to illustrate our incapacity to un-experience things, to erase lived-experiences from our bodies and minds. What I discovered recently is how particularly true that is in the classroom. A few weeks ago in my Philosophy and Filmcourse, we screened Werner Hertzog's film  ... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Monday, Oct 26

Improving Access: College attainment for Latino students means a better Memphis

By Madeline Faber This content originally appeared in an article by the Memphis Daily News With Hispanics expected to make up 31 percent of the nation’s population by 2060, Christian Brothers University is investing in its growing community by pledging $12.5 million to go toward scholarships for immigrant students whose legal residency status may be in question.Alejandra Ceja, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, spoke at a July... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Oct 14

Students form NAACP chapter at CBU to create change agents in Memphis

My relationship with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People started during my high school career when I developed a close relationship with Madeline Taylor, the Executive Director of the Memphis Branch of the NAACP.  The NAACP was founded on February 12th, 1909, by a diverse group of individuals that included Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, William English Walling, Dr. Henry Moscovitz, W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and Mary Church... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Sep 2