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A Meandering Journey Through Sorority Life

By: Morgan Harper A very smart friend once told me, "College gives you an education in professional skills and a bunch of other things that only matter when you graduate. But the best thing you can get out of these years is an education of yourself." As a stubborn, lighthearted freshman, this quote flew in one ear and burrowed itself deep in the dormant lobes of my memory, where it stayed until a few nights ago, when I had the typical chronologically-induced attack that everyone faces... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, May 12

Misadventures in Understanding Autism

By: Morgan Harper April is an awesome month-the sun has finally come out, the days are shorter, and we’re getting so close to summer that we can practically smell the Australian Gold and chlorine in the air. It’s a special time of year for everyone, but especially for people involved with the autism spectrum disorder community. In 2007, April was declared the official Autism Awareness Month . Since then, people and organizations around the globe have taken action to raise awareness and... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Apr 29

Equal Words, Unequal Quality

By Morgan Harper I'm not exactly a "lucky" girl. I hit every red light when I'm running 10 minutes late to work. I've never found a four-leaf clover or won anything in a raffle. I haven't dodged a traffic ticket since I was 15 and rammed my dad's car into the back of a church bus (seriously, Thank GOD). I hate going to sports events because there's about a 70% chance I'll get hit in the face with a ball if I go near one. Alanis Morrissette's "Ironic" is probably the most relatable song... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Apr 6