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A Night at Graceland Too

Words by Josh Colfer, Photos by Dean Alari I don’t know how many people that read this will know of Graceland Too and its legacy in the Delta and beyond. It was one of those places that make this land and its people fabled in the American conscience, the kind that occupies Southern lore alongside voodoo villages, abandoned factories, and the like.    Graceland Too is no longer in operation following the strange death of its curator , Paul MacLeod in the summer of 2014. I... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Oct 9

The Spirit of giving is like a sock of coins

By Samantha Almanza I was privileged to speak at the Spiritus Donorum dinner at Juan Diego Catholic High Schoo on Dec. 1st of last year, and I’d like to share in this column the comments I made there. The motto of Juan Diego Catholic High School is Spiritus Donorum , which translates to “The Spirit of Giving.” As a graduate of Juan Diego, this motto often comes back to me, especially during the holiday season.  As I was reflecting on these words and my life, I came up with a symbol... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Thursday, Sep 24


by Qiao Lin OPPRESSION I was born in a place that was the cradle of a civilization that has over 5,000 years of history and I was quite proud this. However, just as I was leaving my own cradle, my parents left China for the land of opportunity, the United States. I was only a couple of years old and this new place fascinated and frightened me. There were more cars and the city lights in the distance seemed like terrestrial stars. Only a small group of people around me spoke the... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Friday, Sep 18

6 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

By: Dr. Bevalee Vitali Several years ago the university where I work redesigned our adult, working student curriculum. Many of these part-time students/full-time employees were returning to school after leaving college decades earlier, others were entering college for the first time, and still others were coming back for a second degree.  No matter what their background these students shared a similar struggle. These students are not unique. The workplace is littered with... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Sep 16

Active Citizenry

By Sean MacInnes   In 2013, the obesity rate in the United States dropped for the first time in decades. In truth, the rate dropped for only one demographic: preschool children living in low-income households. It’s good news, but otherwise, the rate held steady. So make no mistake, there is still plenty of room for improvement. In 2010, when the total population of the United States reached 308 million people, the Center for Disease Control reported that more than 108 million... Read More
Posted by Editorial Board at Tuesday, Sep 15


$42.50 by Ruthie Hall You tell me what you need, supplies to buy your friends. As you grill out, chill out,  and drink them under the table.  But like my age,  I've only got forty to fifty.  I cross off the food I really need  off your growing list.  I'll get your buns, pork, candy, and ice.  Baby, I'll even get your overpriced, piss-taste beer.  but I'm gonna get my olives,  my tequila, and limes.  You... Read More
Posted by Josh Colfer at Wednesday, Sep 9