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Life Without a Smartphone Sucks

By Morgan Harper As a 21st century enthusiast, I can honestly say one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in the last year was going without a smartphone for a week after an accident that involved my iPhone and a bottle of sprite… whoops. When I frantically called my dad to confess what happened to the pricey birthday present I'd spent months begging for, his short and ill-tempered response really got me thinking. "Sorry. You'll have to use my old phone until you can afford to buy... Read More
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Heuristic Research in Hong Kong

By Dr. Juan Carlos Olabe-Basogain Dr. Juan Carlos Olabe (Electrical & Computer Engineering) presented a paper entitled “Solving Complex Problems with a Computational Mind: An Alternative to Heuristic Search” at the 2015 Hong Kong International Conference on Education in late November. In addition, Dr. Olabe and members of his research team met with leaders of the Lasallian family of schools in Hong Kong (there are eight Lasallian K-12 schools in the city). Two areas of collaboration... Read More
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8 Features of a Digital Marketing Strategy You'll Want to Know

This post originally appeared in a blog by Alex at By: Alex Rasmussen Digital marketing is hot, you probably know that by now and it's the reason you are reading this blog. Because digital marketing is so popular, companies are blindly throwing money into digital marketing channels without having a strategy to improve their online presence.  In order to create a successful and profitable strategy for your digital marketing, you must first understand what... Read More
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