12 Things You Did in High School That You'd Never Do in College

By: Alani Lee

As told by a c/o 2011 graduate #wolfpack4lyfe 

1) Passionately pursuing the latest fandom

Obsessing over the latest hot book or show used to be fun, until your realize that you no longer have any free time and that most of the story plots have massive holes in them. #TeamJacob, #TeamEdward, #TeamGuyWhoAlmostHitBellaWithATruck 

2) Dressing up for class   

Let’s just be real honest, the things that you went through to get ready in high school are completely irrelevant in college. Waking up over an hour earlier is only something to do if you have to commute to campus, and even then, best believe that your quick shower and comfortable attire will get you through the day. 

3) Using Word-Art and other effects in a PowerPoint presentation

Simple and straight to the point is always the answer, because you really don’t have (the time? the patience? the need?) for anything extra. #prezisforlyfe 

4) Writing in pencil

I was all about using pencils throughout high school. There was something about the ease of erasing my mistakes that comforted me. However, the freedom of marking up a page with errors and rapidly changing thoughts makes me feel as though I’ve learned something—all of the things. 

5) Taking free food for granted

Living off of ramen, $5 pizzas, and handouts quickly become a way of life. 

6) Purposefully staying up late and feeling grownup     

Now as a young adult, staying up late usually results in feeling like you’ve died in the morning and forces you to make goals for yourself to get into bed before eleven. 

7) Painting your nails with white-out in class

Oh, you’re bored in class? Just think about your tuition, your seven upcoming assignments, and trying to find a job. Not to mention the smell that no one can stand. 

8) Calling your parents before you call your best friend when something amazing or tragic happens in your life.

Their criticism and advice is sometimes what you need when you’re falling apart or super excited about that new (thing? goal? project?) that you just accomplished. 

9) Showing off your grades

I passed. Be happy. Life is hard. 

10) Caring about what other people think of you

11) Trying to avoid staying at home

“Oh no, sorry! I can’t go out tonight. I have too much to do.” As in I have to sleep and I have too many shows on Netflix to binge-watch. 

12) Wanting to stay in high school

Regardless of all of the stress, struggle, and tears, college is really the best time of your life.

Alani Lee is a Senior History Major at Christian Brothers University and staff writer at the Galleon

Posted by Josh Colfer at 4:38 PM

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