18 Problems You Face as a Commuter Student at CBU

By: Alani Lee

1. Waking up an hour or two before your first class starts 

2. The struggle of traffic if you leave later than your perfectly scheduled time 

3. Getting to school and realizing that you left something you need at home 

4. The Parking Lot

5. The Shuttles

6. Hoping that someone is passing out donuts or chicken biscuits outside of Cooper-Wilson in the morning

7. Missing fun events because of time conflicts

8. Never hearing about events

9. Being asked to attend school on a Saturday or Sunday

10. Any mandatory event on or off campus – on the weekend – at the wrong time

11. Also, Saturday exams

12. Having large gaps between classes but only having enough gas to make one trip home

13. Living in ITS, the Buc, or any other Student Lounge

14. Napping in random places around campus (more or less depending on the stress of the semester) 15. Never being on campus when they serve breakfast for dinner 

16. The price of wanting to eat in the Café with your resident friends “Anybody got a guest pass?”

17. Hearing about the impromptu middle of the night snowball fights during winter weather

18. Speaking of snow, having to drive to campus on icy roads when – literally- every. other. school. is. out.

But regardless of how close or far you live from campus, we’re all still apart of the same fabulous CBU community.

Alani Lee is a Senior History Major at Christian Brothers University and staff writer at the Galleon.

Posted by Josh Colfer at 8:58 AM

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