23 Ways You Know You're a CBU Student

By: Morgan Harper
1.You've walked to Central BBQ on a snow day

You don't really know why, but Caf food just doesn't cut it on snow days. When the roads are iced over, your best option is to slip and slide in your Uggs to Central for a half order of barbecue nachos. 

2. Your cabinets and dishwashers are guaranteed to be occupied mostly by Central cups at any given point. 

Speaking of Central, you can thank your student I.D. for all those $0.25 drinks that helped you acquire a full-fledged collection of plastic cups that now take up most of your cabinet space 

3. You've fed one of the stray cats on campus 

Garbage, Angel, whatever its name may be. Snaps to you for helping keep these guys alive and thriving with the can of tuna you set out on your balcony for them 

4. You've made some of your best friends and memories on the Rozier Deck/Vball Court

Nothing going on on campus this weekend? One solution never fails: Congregate on the Rozier Deck and the sand volleyball court. Though these nights are always a spur-of-the-moment back up plan, they undoubtedly make for some of the best memories with some of your favorite people. 

5. You're more likely to bail on plans if it involves walking to baseball 

If you have ever lived in baseball, you have probably had a conversation similar to the one below: "Wanna come over and play some video games?" "Sure, what's your room number?" "Baseball 20-" "Oh, uh, sorry….I just remembered I have to…take a shower." *click* 

6. At least a little part of you aspires to be Chanda Murphy

Dr. Murphy, otherwise known as Chanda Panda, is inarguably one of the coolest people you know. Something about a retired Grizz girl, a psychology expert, and a ball of good energy all tied into one really makes for an extremely admirable professor. 

7. Your classmates have seen you at your worst…and you don't really care

There have been plenty of times when you've woken up 10 minutes before your first class and weren't even phased. You brush your teeth, throw on a cap and some flip flops, and you're ready to conquer the day. You know you may look like a basket case, but, the truth is, you are already friends with most of the student body, so you're beyond trying to impress anyone. 

8. You always forget that Stritch exists

Nothing against the ole' residence hall, but Stritch is kind of in its own little world. Hidden behind the dormitory castle we call the LCC, poor Stritch is sometimes off our radar. Still, living in Stritch does have its perks, like having their own parking lot and, if you think about it, an exclusive community of their own. 

9. You are probably snap chat friends with at least one of the security guards

The security guards are pretty well known here at CBU, as everyone who drives on and off campus at least catches a glimpse of them everyday. It should come as no surprise that we stopped at the guard shack to engage in casual conversation…and exchange snap chat usernames. I mean, c'mon. They have to entertain themselves somehow when they're working alone for hours on end. 

10. You walk to Dollar General for minimal essentials 

Real-deal, extensive purchases like command strips and makeup wipes usually demand a trip to the Kroger at the intersection of Poplar and Highland. However, for things like cleaning essentials and the undying junk food binge, the DG is your saving grace.  

11. You've been questioned by Cross 

Being a wet campus has its perks…until you encounter Campus Safety's own Officer Cross. Only Cross' timeless interrogations can be sure to have all students on their best behavior, even if they are of age. 

12. Big Mike always makes your day a little better

Even if you just got out of what was the hardest test of your college career, Mr. Mike never fails to make you smile when he gives you a high five in the Caf (or points out the best grapefruit selection on a Monday morning). 

13. Your netflix series has been interrupted by a sudden wifi disconnection that sometimes takes hours to repair 

By hours, we could possibly mean days, but hey, we’ll take it as a blessing in disguise considering the amount of homework that gets done during those troubling times of darkness.  

14. You've been to some of your professors' houses, and even babysat some of their children. 

To say CBU is small and you get to know everyone on a personal basis seems like an exaggeration…until you find yourself at your professors house on a Friday night and realize, “This is probably not normal at most schools...”  

15. You chat regularly with Ms. Robin in The Buc 

A trip to The Buc is just not as gratifying without catching up with Ms. Robin, an established member of the CBU community that everyone knows and loves for her humor and kindness alone 

16. You've spray painted The Rock

Sure, The Rock is possibly a pebble in comparison to many of the landmarks located on bigger college campuses, but we love this tradition. Not every college student gets to make his or her announcements so *monumental* (pun intended) 

17. You've taken a #SmarelliSelfie

This is a biggie. No. Seriously.  

18. You low key (or maybe high key) look to Ms. Sadie as the sweet relative you never had 

Admit it: Miss Sadie is the most adorable and cheerful woman you have ever met. If you haven't seen Big Mike or Ms. Robin around, Ms. Sadie can always be found making everyone's day a little less blue in the Counseling Center located in the Thomas Center. 

19. You've gone tunneling or arching

Our hidden and highly frowned upon gem… We all remember the moment our freshman year when someone suggested we walk around the underground tunnels of CBU or climb the arches like our favorite superheroes and the way our eyes lit up like “WHAT. THIS IS A THING?” Not nearly as cool as it sounds, but are you really at CBU if you haven’t done it?

20. You've participated in or at least witnessed a twitter war on potential snow days

College students are never as angry as when they wake up one freezing morning to discover their school is the only college in the city that is still in session.

21. You never lock your apartment

Why would you? You know everyone, and leaving your apartment open guarantees an ongoing flow of visitors throughout the day and night that always keep you entertained.

22. You're more likely to attend an event if the flyer somewhere reads "Free food and beer."

Most of us are lucky if we have more than 78 cents in our bank account. We hear the word “free,” and it’s basically like we hit the jackpot.

23. You complain about CBU from time to time, but given the chance, you would never actually leave

Being CBU students, we definitely face some ups and downs. But despite the bumps in the road, we all know that we owe CBU much more than our hefty tuition for giving us the friends, opportunities, and experiences of a lifetime.

Morgan Harper is a Junior English for Corporate Communications major at Christian Brothers University and a staff writer at the Galleon

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