5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make for Free

By: Alani Lee

When it comes to the Halloween season, there’s nothing worse than realizing that it’s the end of the month and you’re completely broke. It’s almost like you’ve spent all of your money on food, bills, and gas or something… crazy, right? But never fear! A Halloween miracle is underway – and miracles are always free! While your friends are trying to escape the curse of their overpriced Elsa and Anna costumes, you’ll be straight chillin’ in your very own clothes.

Here are some of the top 5 easiest DIY Halloween costumes - only offered from your closet!

1. Scarecrow aka Hay-Man

Get ready to scare off some crows and fix up your stitches, because (if you’re anything like me) you probably have a flannel shirt and a pair of ripped jeans to spare. The simplicity of this get-up can also keep you comfortable and stress-free throughout the night. Also bonus points if you have a straw hat and corn available on hand. Although you may not scare your friends, you’re sure to keep some harvest protected. (You could even roll around in the grass for the full effect)

2. 50s Greaser

If you have that James Dean day-dream look in your eyes - along with a plain white tee, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket, then this costume couldn’t be easier if Taylor Swift wrote a song about it! A sweet pair of Chucks or your old beat-up boots will go nicely with your gelled up or rockabilly styled hair. If you want to wear your Ray-Bans at night, don’t let anybody stop you. You’re rebel now! You’re too cool for school - on the weekends! And you always led the party during Grease sing-a-longs! So, pop up your collar and enjoy the view.

3. Pop Art / Comic Book Art

Okay, let’s be honest. How awesome does this look?! Channel the 60s with an Andy Warhol styled approach. Thick lines outlines, a steady hand, and semi-formal outfit are all you need is to make this art costume pop! (And maybe a few youtube tutorials)    

4. Criminal or Mime (same as a Criminal, only silent)

Striped shirt. Black pants. Endless possibilities. You could – figuratively- break the law as a faux criminal, or illustrate how well you can play the quiet game as a mime. Beanie and face paint optional, but fun the fun is inescapable.

5. A Band (or Member of one)

From Fleetwood Mac to Arctic Monkeys, the wardrobe options are endless. Based on what you already own, it doesn’t matter what you wear. However, if you’re looking for a brief outline - a band shirt, skinny jeans, and combat boots or converse will do the trick! So, tease your hair, sing into your hairbrush, or grab the chopsticks from last week’s takeout to use as drumsticks because it’s time to rock and roll all night!

Alani Lee is a Senior History Major at Christian Brothers University and staff writer at the Galleon

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