Disney Unveils Plans to Turn the Entire Island of Puerto Rico Into Adventure Park

By: Gabriela Morales

Disney just announced that after a great deal of searching, they’ve finally found the ideal location to build their very first island adventure park: Puerto Rico. The island’s current governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, caught wind of Disney’s interests in an island-themed park earlier this year and thought it would be the perfect catalyst to revitalize Puerto Rico’s economy.

After an extensive negotiation period, both the company and Governor came to an agreement on the details of the joint venture. The main proposal centers on dividing the island into five distinct sections. Each section will feature a different attraction correlating to a Disney film in some way. Perhaps the most advantageous part of this segmentation is that residents of the towns that fall within the boundaries of the new sections will also be employed by Disney to work the new attractions.

While the details have yet to emerge completely, these are the proposed sections of the new island park:

Elsa’s Castle

One of the mountains from the El Yunque National Rainforest, namely Pico El Yunque, will be transformed into the crown jewel of the newest Disney park. The mountain will offer guests the opportunity to enter the world of the 2013 film Frozen, and witness princess Elsa “showcase” her powers by keeping an entire ice castle frozen in the middle of a Caribbean island.

Nemo’s Bay

Come join Nemo and his friends as you swim, sing, and dance with a variety of marine animals like dolphins, manatees, fish, and more inside the animal enclosures built in Flamenco Beach in the municipality of Culebra.

Mudaka’s Meat Hut

Based on the 2000 animated film The Emperors New Groove, the entire Metropolitan region of Puerto Rico will be turned into a massive restaurant serving dishes from the movie like Kronk’s Special Spinach Puffs and Krispy Pill-Bug.

Star Wars Battlefront

Based on the Star Wars game, this attraction will allow visitors to pick between joining the Rebels or the Empire and take part in the largest paintball battle of all times in the historic San Juan area.

Marvel’s Hero Creation

The West area of the island, near the municipality of Mayaguez, will get a major upgrade once Disney’s island park is completed. As the new set of “Marvel Hero Creation Lab,” you’ll have the chance to become the hero or villain you were always meant to be in this immersive role-playing attraction. Guests will have the opportunity to design their own costume, choose powers and abilities, and become a part of the Marvel Universe.

Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Robert A. Iger, said in a recent column on World Disney Parksthat apart from the main attractions, the park will also feature other Disney park staples like taking pictures with your favorite characters, parades that will literally circle the island, and much more.

Even though the project is in the “planning phase,” it has already gathered a large amount of support from many notable figures. Donald Trump weighed in recently and was quoted as saying, “it’s a wonderful idea to make America great again since we can ship the Puerto Ricans who don’t wish to work back to their homeland of Mexico.” Taylor Swift believes that she and her “squad” deserve to be cast as models for the Disney Princesses, while Tom Cruise mentioned that he would like to “guest star” in this magical island adventure (no, we’re still not sure what that means).

Construction on the park will begin in the fall of 2018, with an anticipated completion date by 2025.

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