Fighting Food Waste

By: Blaire Jefferson

Have you ever driven along the major streets in Memphis and seen the large number of homeless and hungry people? Do you ever wish you could help but are unsure what they'll spend the money on if you do? The population of homeless and hungry here is astounding-there are over 1,800 people that need food and shelter, as mentioned in a 2009 article in the Memphis Flyer. While we cannot provide them with shelter, we can provide them with food. You may ask who “we” is. 

I’m referring to CBU’s chapter of Food Recovery Network - an organization that's focused on fighting food waste at college campuses across the country. FRN’s mission is to reduce the amount of perfectly good food being thrown away from campus dining halls and donate that food to the community. In Memphis, there are two chapters of Food Recovery Network-CBU (founded fall ’14) and Rhodes (founded fall ’15). Collectively, both chapters have saved and donated over 2,400 pounds of food just this semester! 

On average, Americans send about 33 million tons of food to landfills each year. With the assistance of organizations like FRN, we can reduce the amount of food being thrown away while reducing hunger in America. 

On November 24th at 6:30pm, CBU’s chapter of FRN will screen a documentary viewing and panel discussion on food waste in the U.S. The documentary, entitled DIVE! is based on the following premise:

“Inspired by a curiosity about our country's careless habit of sending food straight to landfills. The multi award-winning documentary DIVE! follows filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angeles' supermarkets. In the process, they salvage thousands of dollars’ worth of good, edible food - resulting in an inspiring documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism and call to action.”  

All are invited to come and participate. The CBU chapter of FRN will also be accepting suggested donations of $1. For event information visit:

>>> DIVE! Documentary Screening 

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