13 Unanswered Questions in the Fuller House Reboot

By Morgan Harper. Photo: Netflix

Last year, when news broke out about the Full House cast reuniting for a spin-off series, millennials went wild. American families’ favorite sitcom was coming back full fledged with a thirteen-episode, one-season contract as a Netflix original series. The show features the same cast and characters as the original series, which debuted 29 years ago. The show also introduces new actors, Elias Harger and Michael Campion, and actress Soni Nicole Bringas. The sitcom is…well…just about everything we could have realistically hoped for it to be. Cheesy, nostalgic, and a little (okay, completely) impractical. Still, people like me all over the country sat on the edge of their couch cushions, repeatedly clicking the "play next episode" option until, before they knew it, they reached the last episode of the season. Whether ya love it or ya hate it, here’s a list of 13 thoughts you’ll have while watching it:

1. What’s with this theme song?

2. Why does this singer sound so familiar?

Remember that one-hit-wonder who sang that really annoying song "Call Me Maybe?" Yep. Looks like Carly Rae Jepsen's second big hit is none other than the Fuller House  theme song.    

3.  Is that the same golden retriever…? 

4. How have the Elvis and Bullwinkel obsessions not died down…like, at all?

Within the first two minutes of the first episode, shots are fired from Jesse and Joey at each other about their still ever-present infatuations with Elvis and Bullwinkel…as if nothing else has come along to preoccupy them by this point.

5. How have Joey's Bugs Bunny pajamas held up for this long?

Photo: Netflix

6. Okay…Have they not seen each other in 29 years?

You'd think so from the way they're acting! Uncle Jesse makes a comment about how they all still look good, Stephanie hugs DJ like she hasn't seen her since her high school graduation, and Nicki and Alex are introduced to the family when they walk in...?    

7. Did they really just dis the Olsens?! 

Okay, I understand the cast and producers were a little salty about Mary Kate and Ashley rejecting their request to reunite for the series. After all, the twins were basically the only ones from the show who still had the world at their fingertips after it ended. But I found that snide remark at the beginning of Episode 1 to be rather tasteless.    

8. What the heck is Kimmy Gibler wearing?

Sure, the quirky girl next door has always been a little…different. But is it really necessary to wear weird clothing to let that quality shine through with cupcake earrings and cat sweaters?

9. How is Steve still not over DJ Tanner?

Don't get me wrong, Candace Cameron is pretty and all, but it's totally impractical that DJ's high school boyfriend is still hung up on her. 

10. How did John Stamos manage to avoid aging like the rest of the crew? 

Besides a couple of wrinkles, Uncle Jesse looks as stunning and dreamy as he did in the early 90s. 

11. If I hear the word "selfie" one more time… 

We get it. It's the 21st century. You have a smartphone and social media profiles and have adapted to the new age. 

12. Must they make so many references to things that happened on Full House?

If it wasn't featured in one of the episodes from the original show, just assume it never happened. How do they have such great memories, anyway? They're like, "Hey, Steph, remember that time when you were five and we wrapped Michelle in paper towels?" Probably not, Uncle Jesse. Because she was five. 

13. Is this a Disney Channel series or…?

Between the cheesy lines and bad child acting, it could easily pass for one.   

Fuller House is like the Twizzlers of television right now- you know it isn't very good, yet you can't stop reaching for more because it's oddly still entertaining. While we may all jump on the bandwagon to criticize this Netflix original series, something tells me we'll all be right back where we started with our eyes glued to the television when the second season premieres.    

Morgan Harper is a Junior English for Corporate Communications major at Christian Brothers University and a staff writer at the Galleon. 

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