Humans of Christian Brothers University

By: Gabriela Morales

If someone were to ask you: ”Hey! How are you doing today?” while walking down the hallway, most of us would simply reply by saying something along the lines of “I’m good” or “Just fine”. But what would happen if that person stopped you for a second and said: “No. How are you really doing?” These questions were asked by Brandon Stanton when he started asking people on the streets of New York City to talk a bit about their lives. Out of his experiment came Humans of New York, a blog that contains the photos and stories of everyday New Yorkers that you wouldn’t normally hear. Inspired by this, I’ve created the first edition of Humans of CBU, which aims to tell stories of five students that are a part of this very campus.


“I love reading, especially when the book matches the season. Like reading a book about flowers in spring or reading about an adventure in a desert during summer. I think I like books so much because during pre-school the teachers would take us to nap in the library but instead, I would always sneak out of the nap area and read instead.”


“What you taking pictures of? People? Any particular reason or Just 'cus? Well, I want to be in one but let me smile for it first. Gotta look good for that camera.”


“I cut it a while but I finally got around sanding it and finishing it.  I'm kind of disappointed with how one end turned out, it's not symmetrical with the other one and it looks wider but it's still pretty. I like it. I like making my boards because it's cheaper than buying them and you get to turn it into something that's all your own.”


"Fairness. Every person is a person and should be treated as such. No one should be judged based on their on how the choose to dress or what their appearance is like but people should especially not be judged because of their previous actions. I believe that everyone has goodness in them; it's just a matter of finding it."


"Brigid, don’t say that."


"I’m finally close enough with someone where I can have inside joke with them and you want me to kill it? Thanks Babe."

Gabriela Morales is a Sophomore at Christian Brothers University and Staff Writer at the Galleon.

Posted by Josh Colfer at 2:40 PM

The Galleon is curated and managed by Christian Brothers University, a Memphis-based university founded in the Lasallian tradition (a sect within the Catholic faith). Part of our founding mission is to uphold respect for all persons-regardless of political, religious, or social beliefs. As an institution, we take no stand on political matters; to do so would undermine our commitment to intellectual inquiry and thoughtful response to events taking place in our World by members of the CBU community.

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