Hurricane Patricia and the Miracle I Witnessed

Photo: Nasa/Reuters
By: Chase Encalade

Two weeks ago Julia left Mexico as it was preparing for what was sure to be the worst natural disaster it had ever seen. Julia is a friend of mine who spent a week with the children of an orphanage- reading with them, providing food for them, and telling them of the hope that lies in the love of Jesus Christ.

During the time that Julia was in Mexico, forecasts indicated that Hurricane Patricia would leave nothing but devastation in her wake. She was the strongest hurricane ever to be reported. Many were worried about the effects that the storm would have on infrastructure, especially in the already impoverished parts of the country. She had to leave them there, scared and wondering what awaited them in the days ahead. 

“The people there are so beautiful and selfless, no one deserves this, but especially not them” says Julia.

 Mexico was well prepared though. Many people were moved to shelters and other places of safety, and all necessary precautions were taken well in advance. Nation-wide prayer was also held throughout the country; emblematic of the fact that Mexico has one of the highest percentages of Christians in the World. 

 As the people of Mexico sat, waiting for the worst, something began to happen. The category 5 storm began to dissipate. By the time she made landfall Patricia had already digressed from a category 5 to a category 3 storm. Dry air and the mountains of Mexico decreased the wind speeds and de-organized the eye of the storm in an amazing last minute attempt to salvage this beautiful country.

Patricia certainly did not avoid Mexico. She left destruction in her path-storm surges, power outages, and uprooted trees throughout. But with a total energy of only a quarter of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, Patricia was certainly not as bad as she could have been. 

 It’s two weeks after the storm, and people are trying their best to return back to normal life. 

“The church was full this morning-everyone went and thanked Him,” said Amada Abraham, a street vendor asked about how her town is coping. 

 Today the people of Mexico are more than thankful as the remnants of Patricia, now a Tropical Depression, move across the U.S. The strongest Hurricane ever recorded left a total death toll of 0. It reminds us that all hope is never lost, things can change, and perhaps God is still in the business of miracles.

Chase Encalade is a Sophomore English for Corporate Communications major at Christian Brothers University and a staff writer at the Galleon.

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