It's a Vegan Halloween!

By: Alani Lee

Every year around the holiday season, I begin to panic.  Not from the fear of ghosts and goblins, but from the fear that I will have to sit through another Halloween party or event with limited food choices. And, apparently, there are only so many apples that you’re allowed to bob for before someone starts complaining. I often find myself shifting back and forth around various rooms hunting for something, anything cruelty-free that I can snack on. For many, the answer is simple: candy, chocolate, or other party favors. 

For vegans, like me, the choices aren’t so easy. 

I constantly find myself checking the labels for everything from hidden milk and egg ingredients to monosodium glutamate and animal fat. And if there’s not a label, then I hope that you’re prepared to list your ingredients like an elevator pitch while your guests dance in the distance. Now, when I’m in these situations, I feel that I only have two choices: on one hand, I have the quick option of running to Imagine Vegan Café or Muddy’s for a quick dessert fix; while, on the other hand, I realize that I should’ve been better prepared and brought my own snack-age to share with everyone. So, after my advanced search through Pinterest and Google, I’ve found a few last minute recipes to satisfy every vegan and non-vegan party goer. 

 1. Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Thanks to Jackie Sobon of vegan food blog, Vegan Yack Attack, I now have another reason to only survive on mushrooms. Check out the recipe HERE >>>

2. Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispies

Healthy Rice Krispies??? SIGN ME UP  

3. Poison Toffee Apples

Poison apples are perfect for all of your Evil Queen needs. Find the recipe HERE >>>

4. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Screams

And yes, dark chocolate IS VEGAN! Begin delicious browsing HERE >>> 

5. Ghoulish Green Guacamole

Personally, I could marry an Avocado and be perfectly content with my life. Marriage proposals HERE >>> 

6. Baked Apples

When it comes to craving out apples, I’m not the best. So this was a very messy yet delicious experience for me. (And super easy!) USE VEGAN BUTTER! Find out for yourself HERE >>>

Try them for yourself, or create your own recipes!

Alani Lee is a Senior History Major at Christian Brothers University and staff writer at the Galleon.

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