Muslims in Memphis

By Mustafa Hmood

What is Muslims in Memphis? That’s a good question to ask in March, especially if you live in Memphis.  It’s both an annual observance for celebrating the Muslim component of the city and a name given to an organization that holds events in March of every year.  As mentioned in their website, the goal of the organization is “to engage in an outreach program to the larger community of Memphis & the Mid-south, in order to educate/inform and dispel myths about Islam and Muslims that have permeated this society for far too long.”  

A number of volunteer Muslim Memphians work hard every year to organize a series of events that are geared toward the entire community.  For example, three large events have been organized for March 2016, which are all featured on their website.  I have recently been to one of the organization’s meetings where I witnessed firsthand the planning for a community event called MusliMeMfest.  Trust me, that’s an event you don’t want to miss, since there will food, entertainment, guest speakers, and more.

As president of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), I became inspired by Muslims in Memphis, so I started the tradition of organizing events to celebrate March at CBU. Last year we hosted events entitled I speak for myself and Islam 101.  For this year, four educational events are scheduled to take place on campus throughout March, as listed below: 

1. "Philosopher of Islamic Terror" 

Please come and join us for a presentation on Sayyid Qutb, a famous philosopher whose ideas have been used as a basis for Islamic terror.  

Thursday March 3rd 

1pm to 2pm 

Buckman Room 358, CBU CAmpus

2. "Mosque Open House" 

On Saturday, March 5th, local mosques will be opening their doors to the entire community, so that everyone can learn more about Islam and ask any questions they have.  There will be tours, presentations, question and answer sessions, and more!  The following mosques are participating:   

1. Masjid Al-Mu’Minun | 4412 south Third St, Memphis, TN 3810   2. Masjid Ar-Rahman | 7906 Lowrance Road, Memphis, TN 38125      3. Memphis Islamic Center | 10225 Humphrey Road, Cordova, TN 38018     4. Muslim Society of Memphis | 1065 Stratford Road, Memphis, TN 38122   5. Masjid Al-Muslimeen | 3141 Directors Row, Memphis, TN 38131

These open houses will go from 11am-4pm.  An RSVP is preferred, but not required.  You can RSVP here.

3. "The Radicalization of Sayyid Qutb" 

Please join us for another presentation about the "Philosopher of Islamic Terror" Sayyid Qutb.  This time we will explore his shift from secularism to radicalism.  

March 15th 


Buckman 112

4. "What is Shia Islam?" 

All are invited to come out and learn from Latifa Juma about Shia Islam, its origins, its practices, and what makes it distinct.  

Thursday March 17th 

6pm to 7pm 

Buckman 101

5. "Imam Anwar Arafat presents: Intro to Islam" 

Everyone is welcome to come and hear a local imam (Muslim clergyman) give a presentation about Islam and answer questions from the audience.  

March 22nd 

1pm to 2pm 

Buckman 112

6. "MusliMeMfest" 

On March 26th at the Agricenter (7777 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120) there will be a community event called MusliMeMfest.  This festival serves to help build bridges and start conversation among different communities in Memphis and to strengthen the relationship between the diverse peoples of Memphis.  There will be Islamic arts, food, entertainment, guest speakers, a bazaar, and hot air balloons!  Admission is free and you can RSVP here.

Why do we organize these events?  In light of the anti-Muslim rhetoric that we hear from some politicians, it is of vital importance that Muslims organize events to tear down the wall the separates them and other members of the community.  These events are mainly geared toward non-Muslims, so please don’t hesitate to show up.  And last, it’s my firm belief that knowledge of ‘the other’ fosters understanding of ‘the other.’ 

Mustafa Hmood is a Senior, President of the Muslim Student Association, and a Lasallian Fellow.

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