New Study Reveals That Napping is Most Certainly the Way to Go

By: Chase K. Encalade

A report released by the National Sleep Foundation on Tuesday proves what many college students and young adults have been saying for years-naps are necessary. After many studies and clinical trials, sleep specialists have determined that brain function increases substantially when naps are added to one’s day.

In fact, there are some risky side effects that come with choosing to avoid napping. One consequence of fending off naps is sleeping through the night. Now this may not sound that bad, but we as a society have been trained to think this way. Nighttime is clearly the best part of the 24-hour day for all humans. The moon (softer in tone and luminosity) is out, which makes the natural world appear much easier on the eyes. The weather is cooler and nocturnal animals are active. Who’d want to sleep through all that? It’s also the best time to do any work or activities because neurons in the brain are extra active from all the coffee you drank to stay awake earlier. 

Sleep is a proven way to avoid people of all ages.

Without a nap, you’re also vulnerable to nagging and annoyance from the people around you. It’s a favorite past time of the many college students who lack the funds to do other things. Naps are great for avoiding responsibilities and other obligations that come with adult life as well. 

As an avid napper, University of Memphis student Dylan Johnson knows of the joys that a nap can bring. “When I was in high school, I would ask to go to the bathroom, when in reality I would just go there to take a nap.”

This is a massive problem in the U.S. school system. Once we leave kindergarten, we say goodbye to naps forever. It’s clearly taken a toll on students; students like Dylan. By the time they get to college, students have no choice but to nap furiously throughout the day to make up for all the time they lost throughout grade school. 

But what’s being done about the problem? White House hopeful Bernie Sanders has taken this issue into consideration. Mandatory napping periods have recently become an integral part of his campaign. “A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have the opportunity to take a nap in the middle of the day.” 

We’ve certainly reached a new era of technological advances beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors. Sanders hopes to implement technology that will allow naps to take place while robots do the work needed. These robots might become necessary because some scientists believe that just napping might not be enough. 

They’ve actually taken it one step further by adding: “Not only should you take naps; you should aim to stay in bed all day.” Their studies further determined that adults from 17-29 should be sleeping around 19 hours a day. For decades, we’ve been allowing trivial things like and work to get in the way of our true sleeping potential. It’s time to reverse the stigma of sleeping all day. 

After all, any amount of sleep under the 19-hour mark leaves you awake for more than 5 hours a day and who wants that? So the next time you’re thinking of getting out of bed…just don’t.


Posted by Josh Colfer at 3:04 PM

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