Nine Things Every 901 Kid Could Relate to in the ’90s

By Morgan Harper

1. Dreading going in to the zoo because you knew you'd have to sit still and pose in front of the concrete animals by the entrance while your mom dug out her disposable camera to take a picture.


Every. Time.

2. Getting super excited about riding the trolley around downtown


Even before any of us had a clue about Club 152 or Silky's, a trip downtown was always an adventure...

3. The best part of your week was going to your gymnastics class or lesson at The Little Gym

Because what was better than playing around on equipment made especially for tiny people your size and ending your session by diving into a foam pit?


4. Going to Breakfast with Santa at the Hard Rock Cafe


Sure, maybe this was just another scheme of our parents to get another snapshot of us on Santa's lap, but at least this time we got pancakes.

5. Going to the circus, Disney on Ice, Grizz Games, etc. at The Pyramid

Photo: Jeremy Atherton
Long before it was purchased by Bass Pro Shop or the FedEx Forum was even heard of, the Ppyramid was one of Memphis' biggest hot spots


6. Going on field trips to the Children’s Museum of Memphis

Remember taking over the mock grocery store with your classmates and piling empty boxes into your mini-basket while your teacher tried to hustle you all out of there so you could move on to the next exhibit? Gooood times.


7. Only going to Liberty Land a couple of times a year on the most special occasions and spending the rest of the year begging your parents to take you again

RIP, Zippin Pippin’. Hope your new home in Green Bay, Wisconsin is treating you well…*tear*


8. When Overton Park was the most boring park in Memphis because there wasn't a playground yet


Accompanying your parents on a "nature walk" was always a lot more fun at Shelby Farms because of their killer playground.


9. Cheering on the Tigers at the Liberty Bowl


…with an actual tiger. Remember U of M’s ‘ol’e pal, Tom the Tiger? Back in the day, this local celebrity was worth even more hype than the game itself.

Morgan Harper is a Junior English for Corporate Communications major at Christian Brothers University and a staff writer at the Galleon
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