Pints, Growlers, or Barrels: Galleon Staff Picks

By The Galleon Editorial Staff


Happy National Beer Day!

Whether you toast by saying “Cheers,” “Saluti,” “Sláinte,” or “Gānbēi,” today is, as each day should be, one for celebration.

Throughout this week, we have provided you with quality written material dealing with all things beer. Today, we simply want to share with you our recommendations and “staff picks” for our favorite beers in the hopes that you might also find one you enjoy.

So, if you tend to “stick with what you know,” maybe consider venturing out today and trying something new; if you already enjoy sampling the wide variety of suds, then perhaps you can enlighten us with your own recommendations by reposting this article and commenting via social media. Be sure to tag us in your response.

Without further ado, here are our picks:

Anthony Maranise, Editor, suggests…

Lucky Bucket Brewing Company’s (Nebraska) Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

Photo: Source

If you’re looking for a good, casual drinking beer that you can keep sipping on out by the pool or at a holiday get-together, look no further. The days of prohibition were, in this writer’s opinion, “dark ones.” Imagine not being able to pop-a-top or pour a cold one whenever you wanted. Back in those days, people craved a crisp, smooth beer, which is typical of a lager that they could enjoy over an extended period of time while enjoying a little live music. The idea was something with a non-abrasive or off-putting taste that would enhance not only atmosphere, but even food with which the lager might’ve been served. Another benefit of the crisp, smoothness of Lucky Bucket’s Pre-Prohibition is that the taste won’t quickly grow old such that drinkers could easily enjoy more than one… or two… or – you get the idea.

This beer tastes as clean as it does smooth; Amber – red in color with a light white top-froth, Pre-Prohibition tastes of light hops and mild malt giving its drinker the idea of light and fluffy biscuits with a touch of nuttiness. There is some mild citrus zest to finish, leaving the palette ready for the next sip.


Abita Brewing Company’s (Louisiana) Creole Crème Ale

Photo: Source

This beer is all about light, refreshing, and somewhat surprising, but pleasant flavors. Made with both rice and pale malts and cascade hops, Abita’s Crème Ale is an authentically Louisianan twist on a classic American ale. Of course, Louisiana has always been and is even know much more French and Spanish than truly American so the elemental flavors in this beer are also non-traditional. Hints of sweetness permeate this ale because of the rice used in the brewing process. This is no ordinary rice. In fact, it is Blanca Isabel Purple Rice, truly and exclusively native to the Louisiana lowland bayou regions. Apart from this light sweetness is a dry-hops taste which balances it out from being “too sweet.” The ale smells of citrus fruit and pine, but doesn’t taste of it as much.

Even though this beer is a seasonal, reserved for warmer weather and spring & summer months, it’s absolutely worth trying to track down.

Mary Clark, Editor, suggests…

As a simple country girl, I like beer that reminds me of summer time, lazy river days, and shop parties with friends and family. I’m no connoisseur, I just like to relax with a cold one and have a good time. With that being said, here are my picks:

Margaritaville Brewing Co.’s (Missouri) LandShark Lager

Photo: Source

If I could pick a perfect day, it’d be fins up on the beach with this beer in my hand, and my toes in the sand. It’s light, easy to drink, and puts me in a Margaritaville state of mind. Pairs great with fishing trips and suntans.


Shocktop’s (Missouri) Belgian White Ale

Photo: Source

This is my go to when I don’t want to just grab a 6-pack of Miller or Bud Lite. The citrusy taste kicks this ale up a notch, and gives it depth. The first time I ever tried it, I was hooked. I’d pair this with a chill get together, or out by a campfire. Cheers to a good time, my friends!

Lauren Jeu, Creative Editor, suggests…

As we all know, I'm not the biggest fan of beer, but if I had to pick one to recommend it would have to be:

Radeberger Gruppe's Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Wheat

Photo: Source

Even though I just tried this beer a few weeks ago, I find myself wanting one every once in a while. This is very unlike me as a beer-hater. It's not too sweet or too tart and has just the right amount of fizz. Pair it with the sausage platter or pretzel at Schweinehaus on the Square.

Dominick Platt, Staff Writer, suggests…

Having Memphis blood coursing through my veins, my pick will be one from home. When it comes to alcohol I usually stick with liquor, but I branched out this week and discovered some amazing local tastes. I may not be an aficionado of the craft, but this week, the beer that stuck with my mind and tongue was:

WiseAcre’s (Tennessee) Tiny Bomb

Photo: Source

Besides having an awesome can and name, Tiny Bomb has a smooth, refreshing taste that’s perfect for people watching on Madison Avenue. The taste of honey brings an acute sweetness that I look for in my drinks, as I have the biggest sweet tooth this side of the Mississippi. For the person who wants to give our local scene a try, this would be a solid first step.

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