The Great Thanksgiving Listen

For many in the U.S., Thanksgiving is a holiday in which scattered family members congregate around one table for a feast of great proportion, and may even engage in seldom-held (or just plain awkward) conversations that bring out the past from its forgotten dwelling. But whether you find yourself next to a distant cousin or your favorite aunt, this holiday is almost guaranteed to raise the audible levels of one's family. In years past, these conversations were stored in one's carb-laden memory bank, but this year, all that is changing. Welcome, StoryCorps. 

StoryCorps is an audio-based initiative that aims to "provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives." StoryCorps is made up of a vast audio database that's compiled from the submissions of its staff and contributors around the World, which you can access at What's unique about StoryCorps' new mobile initiative is that it gives its listeners the ability to record and submit their own stories via an app. After the interview is uploaded to the app, it's stored in an audio database accessible on the Storycorps website, along with permanent storage in the Library of Congress. For the past several years, SC has also challenged listeners with "The Great Thanksgiving Listen." TGTL was intended to help individuals get to know the family members whom they might not know very well, or perhaps have never heard stories from the past. 

This week, the Galleon staff headed off to their respective homes and places for Thanksgiving to record the stories of relatives, friends, and occasionally, strangers. Listen below, and try one out for yourself at

Chase Encalade

Gabriela Morales

William Norman

Erin Aulfinger

Morgan Harper

Posted by Josh Colfer at 11:58 AM

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