Tips from a Frequent Flyer

By Gabriela Morales

Traveling to new places is great fun, but sometimes the process of getting ready before you actually leave the ground can be quite tedious and nerve-wrecking at times if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. Here are seven simple tips to help make your travel experience the best it can possibly be.

1. Before you book your flight, try to see if you can get certified as a TSA Pre-Check member. It has an additional cost but will save you A LOT of time while you’re crossing the security gate. Plus you wont have to take off your shoes when you go through the metal detectors. 

2. Prices for a ticket get higher as the date of that flight gets closer. In order to get a good seat at a reasonable price, it’s always good to book your flight several weeks before the day it departs. 

3. Once you know how much time you’re going to spend traveling, it’s time to pack your bags. The best way to know what to pack is to think about how many clothes you’re going to need. Some factors to keep in mind are: How many days will I be spending away? Will there be a way for me to wash my clothes while I’m there? Are there any special activities that I might need special clothes for? 

4. Once you know what you need, it’s time to get rolling… literally. The best way to pack clothes in as little space as possible is to roll them and into tubes. This also reduces wrinkling!  

5. Most airlines have a phone-friendly app that will allow you to download you boarding-pass 24 hours before your actual flight. This is another great time saver, because if you’re only bringing carry-on luggage, you don’t have to go through the line in the front desk and skip straight to TSA. 

6. ALWAYS arrive at least a few hours early to the airport. It’s super easy to get delayed at the airport (checking in, problems, TSA, wrong gate, etc..) so give yourself time to make sure that you don’t end up missing your flight. 

7. Most airports require that you remove laptops from your carry-on before going through the x-ray machine, so to avoid that awkward little scramble when it’s your turn, get them out of the bag before hand.

8. Remember that when you’re flying, you’re going to be stuck in your seat for a prolonged period of time. While some airlines do offer on-board entertainment, you should always bring something to help you pass the time. These are the items that I never leave the ground without: headphones, a book (or two), a pillow and my computer. 

9. BONUS TIP: If you want to keep your ears from popping during the takeoff and landing, chew on bubble gum during this time.

Gabriela Morales is a Freshman at Christian Brothers University and Staff Writer at the Galleon

Posted by Josh Colfer at 3:42 PM

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