Top 10 Tips for Parents Looking to Take Care of Their College Student

By: Gabriela Morales

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Winter break is almost here, which means that overly stressed college students are slowly migrating back home from their college campuses. If you know one of these tired college students, here is a list of the top ten things you can do to raise their spirits before the following semester destroys it:

1. Let them sleep. During that last week of finals, college student often forget to sleep in an attempt to learn a semester’s worth of knowledge in one night. The best thing you can do for both their physical and mental health is to let them rest for a solid 48 hours.

2. Cook them a meal. Seriously, cafeteria food is one of humanities’ greatest crimes against college students. The only ones who escape this great sin are those who choose to opt-out of eating because they need the extra hour to study. One way or another, food is immensely appreciated.

3. Don’t ask about their grades. This is never a good idea. If the student failed a class or didn’t get the grade they wanted, all you’re going to do is bring back the shame and embarrassment they already felt, and even if the student got a 4.0 GPA, you’ll just remind them of all the pain and suffering that went into doing everything that is necessary to achieve that grade. Simply put, just don’t.

4. Bring them all of your pets. If you don’t have pets, borrow a friend’s pet. If you don’t know anyone who has pets, look up cute animal videos on YouTube. The point of this is to bring back some joy into the student’s world, which was depleted because of final exams and end-of-term papers.

5. Keep them away from the housework. These college students don’t have enough energy to stand up straight for more than an hour at a time, let alone do any type of physical labor. If it’s not on fire, it’s not worth making the student do it.

6. Give them a steady supply of candy and snacks. Sweet things might add some sugar into their blood stream, which in turn might make them have a sweeter attitude towards life instead of the existential crisis that is inevitably experienced by all college students during finals.

7. Don’t worry when they binge watch five seasons of their favorite Netflix series in a row. This is a normal behavior of a recuperating college student. Trust me, I’m an expert.

8. Speaking of the road to recovery, don’t take away their books. Also, don’t take away their videogames. Additionally, don’t take away their phones. In fact, if it’s a source of joy for your student, just let them have it. Even if the item in question seems to be sucking the soul out of them, it’s actually sucking out the heartbreak from the semester.
9. Give them a dollar. The end of one semester simply means that they need to make the first payment for the following one. This in turn probably means that the student has no money in their bank account. They will appreciate any amount of money you can give them, even if it’s just the spare change you have in you car’s cup-holder.
10. Let them cry. The semester is gone, along with all of the student’s ability to hold back their emotions. They’re sad, angry, frustrated and disheartened, so let them cry and comfort them if it’s within your emotional capabilities. If not, just close the door, and let them have their moment but never, ever, tell them to just get over it.

Gabriela Morales is a Sophomore at Christian Brothers University and Staff Writer at the Galleon.

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