Valentine's Day

By Servando Mireles

February is here, and Valentines Day is just around the corner — so if you have not made dinner reservations by now at that fancy restaurant she’s been talking about, now might be time. There are three kinds of people in this world you’re probably going to come across on social media on Valentines Day: 

  • The lovey-dovey couple walking to class holding hands  
  • The ones that are single and detest everything about the day
  • The people who don’t care 

We all fall into one of these categories and want to know what to do on that special day.

1. For the couples

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you should have an idea of what to do. The simple dinner-and-a-movie (my suggestion would be Deadpool) can go a long way. You cannot go wrong with a nice candlelit dinner and a movie afterwards. If this is your first year being in a relationship, you might be thinking about going all out. The big Costco teddy bear, the flowers, and chocolates; this combination is a classic that ladies love. Most girls don’t know it, but guys wouldn’t mind getting chocolates too.

2. Single Pringles

If you’re single,  you can do so many things to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day.  Or you could even celebrate Galentine’s Day with the girls. Galentine’s Day originated on Parks and Recreation when Leslie Knope and her lady friends had a fun-filled day on February 13.  Others just stay at home and watch gory war movies like Saving Private Ryan , Black Hawk Down, or Kingdom of Heaven.

3. The ones that do not care

There are couples and single people out there who see Valentine’s Day as just any regular day with no meaning. Some people think that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day set aside to do something sweet with your special other. 

So, my advice to everyone is not to get weighed down by all the hearts and flowers going around if you aren’t spending it with anyone. But if you enjoy this holiday, make the best of it and remember that girls love flowers any day of the year (not just the 14th). 

Servando Mireles is a Marketing major with a concentration in Graphic Design at Christian Brothers University, photographer, and staff editor for the Galleon.

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