Galleon Policy and Disclaimer 

Christian Brothers University supports academic inquiry and the healthy exchange of divergent viewpoints on its campus. The views and opinions of students, faculty, staff and CBU alumni expressed in the Galleon do not necessarily reflect those of the University itself, nor does the University necessarily endorse these views and opinions.


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User Submitted Content

Certain portions of our services permit registered users to post content, including, for example, commenting on an article, posting a picture, etc. Any information that you post to our services may be viewable by other visitors to our site. We are not responsible for the privacy of your submissions, or for the accuracy of any information contained in those submissions. Any information that you disclose becomes public information. We cannot prevent such information from being used in a manner that may violate this policy, the law or your personal privacy.

Media Property

All content, information, materials, computer code, and software that are part of other than your user content is the property of The Galleon or third parties.  You may access, use, and display this content on a single computer or device and download content only for non-commercial, informational, personal use, without modification or alteration in any way, and only so long as you comply with these terms.


We encourage sharing of all content produced by the writers and contributors of on social media, online and in print form. However, republication of the material produced by in any way must be give proper attribution. Reproduction of material without the expressed consent of representatives is a copyright violation and subject to further action.

Submission Guidelines

The Galleon welcomes the thoughts, opinions and content of all members of the CBU community and its partners, and encourages submissions of all media forms (photographs, text, audio samples). However, please spend time familiarizing yourself with The Galleon’s categories and features. If you wish to contribute, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself — your background as a writer and with the submitted content. Because of the frequency and traffic of contributions, we're not able to respond to ALL submissions, but will do our best to address each in an expeditious manner. 

For more background on submission guidelines and expectations please see SUBMISSION GUIDELINES


The Galleon is curated and managed by Christian Brothers University, a Memphis-based university founded in the Lasallian tradition (a sect within the Catholic faith). Part of our founding mission is to uphold respect for all persons-regardless of political, religious, or social beliefs. As an institution, we take no stand on political matters; to do so would undermine our commitment to intellectual inquiry and thoughtful response to events taking place in our World by members of the CBU community. In alignment with this mission, comments to articles hosted on the Galleon’s site will NOT be deleted, unless they meet the criteria below:

  • Threatening comments that target individuals or groups that insinuate potential action.
  • Spam (promotion of a product or service that does not pertain to the article or content)
  • Threatening comments directed towards the author of the content
  • Bigoted language and/or racial/sexual slurs directed to the author, groups, or individuals

We understand that The Galleon will publish content that may not align with each individual’s viewpoint or ethical paradigm. However, we ask that all readers adhere to a sense of civility, respect, and thoughtfulness when responding to content published on this site. The editorial board will make every effort to remove harmful comments that meet the criteria above as it is observed.